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Monday, December 1, 2014

EcoTools Brushes: Why Am I Just Now Using These Brushes?!

I feel like the title of this blog post is pretty self explanatory. For real? Why have I always passed by this brand of brushes?

Let me start with saying how I aquired these brushes. I got them as a gift from one cool cat named Terri. It was the Friday before I left on maternity leave. (Which, yes, I'm still on till January.) She said she saw on my Facebook where I wanted this Sonia Kashuk brush set, however, decided that the EcoTools brushes was the better option price wise. And to be honest, don't even know what the cost of those Sonia Kashuk brushes are. I just thought they were pretty. But, Terri, being awesome as she is, told me that she loves the EcoTools brushes and wanted to give me a set of her favorite brushes. My heart swelled with love for this lady. She's so dang cool. So thanks Terri for thinking of this second time to be mom.

And by the way, I love the brushes. Holy crap they are sooooo good!

The lovely Terri got me the EcoTools Fresh and Flawless five piece complextion set (see photo below that I took at work and then posted to Facebook like 10 minutes after getting them...). The brushes that come with the set:
1. Flat concealer brush
2. Buffing concealer brush
3. Precision foundation brush
4. Complexion brush
5. Full powder brush
They are small which makes them perfect for travel. Hell, I brought them with me to the hospital in my over night bag. Yes, I did my makeup before and after delivery. Girls gotta fell good about herself. I mean, I did push out a 9 lb 1oz little turkey. Anyways, off topic.

But for being small, they are awesome! I thought applying my foundation would take a while with these, but of course, they proved me wrong. The brushes I use the most is buffing concealer brush and the complexion blending brush. Both of these make blending concealer and foundation into my skin easy which means that I don't look like I'm wearing makeup. I think I might like these little brushes better than my Real Techniques beauty sponge thing. I know that's not what its called, but its name is way too long to remember.

Did I also mention that these brushes are cruelty free and they are super cute? No. Well, I just did.

If you have a makeup lover in your life who is looking for some new brushes, why not gift them these awesome brushes? You can get them at most drug stores and they won't make your wallet cry. They are amazing quality so, you are getting more than your money's worth.

Thanks again Terri for this very sweet gift. I'm one week into being a mother of two and I have to say, makeup has been my stress reliever. So mom's out there, remember, to take care of yourself. You work hard for your family. Spoil yourself in feeling pretty.

That's all I have now. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in another blog or two here soon. Now, I most go gather my new Little Dude and get him and the Mini Me ready for bed.

Remember, always be yourself...unless you're a pirate...then always be the pirate!!