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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dita Von Teese: Burlesque Dancer, Entrepreneur, Advocate for Glamour, and Girl Crush

Yes. I got a girl crush. Actually, I have serveal girl crushes. But lets talk about one particular girl crush: Dita Von Teese. The one and only. There are many who immiate, but none that can meet the stature of this amazing woman.

Some of you are saying right now that she's just ripping off what Betty Page did back in the 1950s. And though I can see those points as valid, I do tend to disagree. Dita Von Teese seemed to bring back a resurgence of 1920-1930s glamour. Yes, I know. She is really only famouse do to her tantalizing and famous burlesque dance that includes her getting into a gigantic martini glass. And there was that short period of time she was married to Marilyn Manson, and I know we are still trying to wrap our minds around that one. She has posed in Playboy. She has made a living out of sensuality and sexuality. But, lets bet honest...she really has looked amazing doing it.

There's a quote from Me. Teese out that floating around the ol' internet:

"I advocate glamour. Every minute. Every day."

Or something along those lines. It honestly got me thinking when I first read that and knew who Dita Von Teese is, that makes total sense. Some people see makeup as a way to conceal or to hide. I don't feel that way. Its a way for a woman to feel empowered and a little glamorous every day of her life. There are days where I'll do a full face or makeup and there are says where all I got on my face is some moisterizer slathered on my face. But at some point in the day, makeup or no, I do something to make myself feel amazing. I don't put makeup on for others. I do it for myself. For me, my glamour moments are doing something a little special with my eye makeup, or wearing an awesome bold lip. But then again, doing a facial mask or doing my nails makes me feel glamorous as well. I am doing something for me and its makes me feel awesome.

I feel that's what Dita Von Teese look and style says. She does it for herself, she could really give two shits what you think, and she is making money at what she loves.

Side bar here: did you guys know she just released a line of maternity/nursing mom lingerie? Yes. Lingerie. Not underwear. Not bras and panties. This stuff is way too pretty to be anything other than lingerie. It is being sold through Destination Maternity and the line is called Von Follies. I will be getting some...that's for sure... for her look, you know, I love it. Its so simple yet (as stupid as it sounds), complex. You would think that red lipstick and black eyeliner is pretty idiot proof. But man can you screw it up. It takes a delicate hand to get that perfect wing liner and to remember to take your time putting on that perfect shade of red lipstick. Also, you can't use just any foundation. Its gotta be full coverage and matte. The checks have to have just the right amount of blush,  otherwise its hello blush-face. Oh...and the hair. That perfectly quafed raven black hair in perfect pin curls.

Some good red lipsticks I have in my collection is Milani's Color Statement lipstick in Red Label, Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection in Old School Glamour, Kat Von D's lipstick in Misfit (discontinued) and Avon's Totally Kissable lipstick in Racy Red. (I would do something fancy like insert a photo of said lipsticks, but I'm writing this with an app on my phone so yeah...its just bare bones right now.) The first three lipsticks seem a bit more true red and the Avon lipstick is more blue based. I can't do orange reds because they just don't flatter my skin ton.

As for the other things....well, work in progress really. I have a blush from mark by Avon called Charmed that might work. And, the eyeliner...well...I have yet to find a liquid liner that serves my needs. I have two...and the jury is still out on those. Foundation wise, I feel like I need something super full coverage and matte. I don't know of any drug store brand personally. One day I'm going to be fancy and go to Sephora to get color matched with Kay Von D's Lock It foundation. It has an awesome reputation of being super full covea and matte. That might be a treat yourself birthday present....maybe...
But as for the hair...well, as much as I would love to dye it black like I did in the good ol days of my 20s, I think I've tortured it enough. Maybe I'll learn the forgotten art of pin curls...

Dita Von Teese at 41 years old is someone I look at as a style icon. I love her look and her guts and her views on beauty.

So I leave this blog post with a picture of this lovely lady and hope you feel the need to sport some red lipstick from time to time. Because there's nothing wrong with a little glamour every day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yet Another Blog...

So I have found myself lately with the need to do some more stream of conciousness and randon writing also known as blogging. I of course have my main blog where I review the hell out of books, but I thought...Self, what else can you talk about? Well, shit. Makeup of course! So here we are again. Attempting to keep up with two blogs. However, I feel that doing a beauty blog might be a little easier than doing a book review blog, and shouldn't be too hard with the up keep. This blog will be more stream of conciousness as I explore and share beauty things I have found and love. And, with baby #2 getting ready to pop out in November, I feel like it might be fun to find mom friendly, quick and easy tips for just feeling pretty.

After my first pregnancy, I didn't feel pretty. I was so worried about taking care of others, I forgot about myself. I was unhappy and stressed out all the time. But then, something clicked and I said I am totally worth more than what I'm doing to myself. So, I dived head long back into my love of makeup and I'm glad I did. I'm not hiding my imperfections, I'm enhancing what I already got. And by doing so, I feel confident and kind of kickass. And there's nothing more awesome than when a friend tells you how pretty you look or asks details about a beauty routine I do or comments on my lipstick of the day.

Some might think I'm vain for doing something as frivolous as a beauty blog and you know what, that's okay. Because as I see it, at least I'm being talked about. Here's to you who read this post. I appreciate you. And I ask that you keep coming back as I post more random stuff about beauty, inside and out.

Liked that last bit there? A bit cheese-tastic, but the truth none the less.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. Remember to always shine bright and never let anyone get you down!

(Hope you enjoy the meme. My friend from work tagged me in it on Facebook, saying I'm the only real person she knows that can pull off a smokey eye. I felt so loved!)